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Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Our venue is a blank canvas, but this doesn’t mean that you have to decorate it – it’s pretty cool

as it is! By having all your favourite people and a good atmosphere, that can be more than

enough. Any decorations are just a bonus!

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity of our couples and how they’ve expressed

themselves through their wedding decorations. Whatever your budget, our venue lends itself to

rustic charm, and props such as chalk boards, fairy lights and paper lanterns look right at home

in The Cow Shed! Get creative - you can find lots of DIY tutorials and decoration hacks on

YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, that are both budget-friendly and geared for novices.

Our lovely Jo (a crafting novice) had a go at making hanging ribbon hoops using crepe paper, and

we were stunned with the finished result!

And here we have Jo’s homemade crepe ribbon garland. Simply stunning for photo ops!

Our lasting advice to couples searching for budget hacks is to have fun, and do your research!

Never be afraid to get in touch with us – we’ve been there ourselves, and we have lots of

experience with celebrations of all budgets.


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