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Fairylights – Your Wedding - Your Way

Fairylights are a popular addition to wedding events – but not all fairylight displays are the same. We’ve asked Steve Page to highlight some of the options he’s installed at The Cow Shed Crail in recent times: The white barn is popular for ceremonies and the high ceiling with exposed wooden beams are ideal for overhead displays. Steve’s most popular addition here is a canopy running parallel to the long walls – so the canopy runs in line with the central aisle leading up to the east wall as seen on this photo by Pedro Everett Photography. The fairylights don’t have to stop there though – all of Steve’s fairylight displays are fully customisable so it’s possible to extend the canopy down the wall to create a focus to the end of the room as seen here with Amy and Andy’s wedding earlier this year Still want something different? – then it's also possible to mount a canopy across the room between the long walls keeping it quite low, or elevated in the centre to reflect the pitch of the roof…again the choice is yours! The marquee roof regularly features fairylights – this space looks gorgeous with warm white fairylights spaced along the roof but they can also be clustered into bands over the ceiling or even starshapes. Fairylights cannot be dimmed so the amount of fairylights installed normally reflects the brightness desired. Steve often describes the amount of light offered as “enough to read the menu, but not so bright that your Dad won’t get up to dance” (we’ll leave Dad’s dancing to another day!). If you are concerned about the brightness of the room again the displays can be customised so that sections or perhaps every second fairylight string can be switched off. Finally - fairylights don't have to be in the roof, you could also have fairy light trees, twigs or lanterns and you can use them outside as well.

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