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We don’t want to get too hung up….

While we want you to make The Cow Shed Crail your own there are a few things we wanted to share about hanging decorations.

We are continually impressed by the creativeness of our couples but if you could bear the following in mind when planning, it would be much appreciated:

  • If you wish to suspend anything from the roof of the marquee it must be approved in advance by email – give us plenty of warning so we can work with you in the run up to your wedding or event.

  • Anything hung from the roof must be put in place by a third party supplier e.g. florist or lighting specialist etc. Not your mum, auntie or dad!

  • All suppliers must have their own insurance to cover them in case of damage to our property or injury to themselves or others (we must see this in advance). Just ask them about it, I’m sure they will be happy to help.

  • The weight limit for an individual item is 7.5kg (the weight can be checked with a suitcase weight scale) with a maximum total limit of 30kg. All items must be spread evenly across the roof, 3m apart. All decorations must be attached to the metal bar that the roof lining is attached to, not the lining itself.

  • You must not attach decorations to anything else e.g ropes, wires, or mechanisms.

  • Anyone fitting decorations must not undo or alter any ropes, wires or mechanisms as this may result in the lining collapsing. You don’t want it coming down on your heads during the speeches!

  • And here’s the grown-up legal bit… we do not accept any liability for any damage or injury caused from objects falling from the roof or from suspended items. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused while you, your guests or suppliers are on site.

  • If any part of the marquee or lining is damaged in the process of erecting or taking down items from the roof, you will be responsible for paying for a new replacement.

That feels a bit like a lecture…very unlike us! But it’s really important that everyone stays safe and the venue remains in tip-top condition for your wedding.

Any questions please do let us know. We’re always happy to help.

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