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Fun & Games At The Cow Shed

'On 21st April (possibly the sunniest day of the year), we had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful wedding supplying our childcare services at the dreamy venue of The Cow Shed Crail. I had secretly already had a wee stalk and decided it was my perfect wedding venue so you can imagine my excitement when I found out I was getting the opportunity to play a small part in a wedding there. When I woke up on Saturday morning and the sun was shining, it was just an added bonus to what promised to be a great day!

When our team arrived we were directed around the back of The Cow Shed to a large grassy area perfect for some Nerf action and our biggest tipi! Some of the kids were so excited about the prospect of a tipi that they had come out early to do some investigating. Their faces lit up when they saw our massive 7m tipi (perfect for 20 boisterous children) filled with pillows, rugs, blankets and fairy lights! I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening there??

We had a number of activities throughout the day including Nerf Wars (which the kids loved) and some good old fashioned games such as duck, duck, goose and musical bumps. For the less active kids, not wanting to get their wedding outfits dirty we also had a range of board games and outdoor garden games too. Our tipi also provided the perfect chill out spot for both girls and boys with the option of a movie or the Xbox!

And don’t just think it was the kids that were loving it, we had parents playing nerf and enjoying our movies! Sometimes you need an escape and nap from the craziness of the wedding day, right? What made this location so perfect was that the kids were only two minutes from their parents and they could come and go when they desired putting the parent’s minds at ease. On this occasion we stayed all day to supervise the children, however if you are looking for only a few hours or just equipment we can also cater for that too!

This time we may have got lucky with the weather, but Scotland is so unpredictable that you can never guess what it is going to do! If you are worried about this, we also have our indoor mini tipis which would work perfectly with the rustic look of The Cow Shed! These can be set up in the barn which works well as a kid’s room! Or if you are simply wanting a chill out zone for the kids – we can also do that! We will come and set up our tipi or mini tipis inside and leave them with you until the next morning!

If you have a wedding coming up at The Cow Shed we would LOVE to be part of it and provide children’s entertainment for you! (I secretly just want an opportunity to come back to this dreamy venue)! If you are interested drop me a wee email to!'

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