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Why should you hire a wedding planner? Here’s 4 great reasons…

We asked wedding planners Natalie and Laura, the experts behind Lemonbox Studios, to tells us exactly why you might want to consider having someone in your corner on the big day….

We love that initial chat with newly engaged couples. When we ask how they picture their wedding, more often than not they describe a relaxed day that flows naturally from ceremony, to drinks, to dinner, to dancing, without feeling forced.

Informal is a word that is used frequently and the overriding desire is for guests not to feel their enjoyment is being hampered by unnecessary tradition or restricted by an imposed schedule.

Many of our couples are looking for a blank canvas, which will allow them to create a meaningful celebration that is tailored to their style and full of personal touches.

So surely the last thing you need to ruin the chilled out vibe is a planner? The thing is… having a Planner in the background is EXACTLY how to achieve that relaxed atmosphere that so many couples look for at a venue like The Cow Shed Crail.

A whole heap of organisation, advance preparation and well thought out timelines a plenty, go into creating a day that is without stress... and nothing relaxes guests more than seeing the happy couple enjoying every minute of the day, safe in the knowledge that an experienced professional is on hand to make sure it all goes to plan and that any hiccups will be dealt with quickly (often before anyone has even noticed).

What exactly will a wedding planner do?

Your planner will oversee all your suppliers; chat to them beforehand to iron out any issues and quietly make sure everything goes without a hitch. Not only that… having someone else takes care of the set up, someone who really knows the ins and outs of your vision, means that you won’t spend the morning of the wedding up a ladder or knee deep in your seating plan but can instead enjoy getting ready with a glass of bubbly in hand!

But there are plenty of other reasons to hire a wedding planner alongside the benefits on the day itself; here are just a few worth considering:


This seems to be something that people don’t have much of these days. Everyone is busy! Busy working, busy running a business, busy raising kids, busy squeezing in a quick catch up with friends and finding time for it all can take its toll. Planning a wedding takes time and plenty of it, which is something that a lot of people don’t have to spare. Most couples completely underestimate the hours involved to bring together all the different elements that make up the biggest day of their lives. As the preparation becomes more demanding it can gradually become more stressful and a chore rather than the pleasurable experience you imagine it to be. So why not employ someone to take on some of the work load and leave you to enjoy your engagement without the added stress.


Chances are you’re a bit of a newbie when it comes to planning a wedding, which means although super exciting, it can also be a bit on the daunting side and you’ll most likely rely heavily on trial and error to get it right, which doesn’t make for the most enjoyable process. A planner will of course advise you on all the prettiness but beyond that they will also keep you right when it comes to the not so fun bits too, such as contracts, paperwork, payments, insurances etc. and they can call on their previous experiences to steer you away from any potential pitfalls or problems.


In short… a planner will be able to recommend the best people to do the best job for your day. They will have worked closely with everyone from celebrants and bands to caterers, florists and cake makers, which means they will have the inside info on who is most reliable and also who will most suit your vision and style ensuring that you get the best you can for your budget. Being able to get trusted recommendations like this will mean you can have confidence that you are surrounded by a top class team who will be just as passionate about your wedding as you are.


Whether you have a really clear idea of exactly how you would like your wedding to feel and look or you actually don’t even know where to start, a planner will help you pin everything down and make sure it all ties together. If they also offer wedding design as part of their service then they’ll be able to take your brief and create a bespoke design, which really reflects you and your style. As fabulous as the Internet is and lets face it who doesn’t love a pinterest board, it can get a bit overwhelming. Access to so many images and ideas from other people’s weddings can mean that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important to you. Remember to take a step back and think about you as a couple and that’s the best place to draw your inspiration.

The Cow Shed Crail is one of those rare finds that marries a stripped back, industrial space with beautiful handcrafted finishes and a stunning rural setting. It allows you the freedom to bring in a variety of suppliers who will create a day tailored to you rather than being limited to the same small choices offered to every couple. Along with that freedom comes an extra layer of organisation and hiring a good planner will make sure that you and your other half don’t get bogged down, leaving you free to really enjoy the planning process leading up to the big day and allow you to share all the fun, laughs, happy tears, giggles and love that goes along with it, completely worry free.

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