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Any dog lover will no doubt agree that their pooches are their best friend, and it's no surprise that many couples dream of having their four-legged fur ball at their wedding. This month's blog is all about celebrating dogs in weddings at The Cow Shed Crail, complete with tips and, for added cuteness, a gallery of dogs we've had fun with at the venue.

First off, there are plenty of roles for your pups to fill:

  • Ring Bearer - if you have an extra-good listener, you can secure the rings to their collar, or a well-sealed pouch, and have a trusted handler release your dog at the end of the aisle, when the time is right.

  • Dog of Honour - they can accompany your bridesmaids or page boys down the aisle, for a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

  • Reception Guest - there's nothing like a party with a few floof balls running around! Just make sure that your dog is happy in busy environments, and that none of your guests have allergies.

  • Costuming - bow ties, tutus, tiny tuxes... the list could go on! And let's face it, when your guests see your dog at the wedding, they will immediately whip out their phones to snap a million pictures. That's just the effect your dapper dog will have!

Most dogs tend to have a mind of their own, so it's important to allocate a handler for the day. This could be a family member, trusted friend, or a professional dog sitter.

Events can be overwhelming for not only people, but pets too. We advise having a safe place for your pet to get away if they need it. Our accommodation is dog -friendly (see T&C's) and the Farmhouse and Cottages are easily reached by food from the venue - perfect for a quick exit if needed.

Make sure your pet has everything they need! This includes collars, leashes, toys, water, treats, poo bags, etc.

If any wedding guests with to bring their dog, please note that we do not advise leaving pets in vehicles in the car park. Finally, if you decide to include your dog in your big day, we hope you have a whole lot of fun planning their role!

All photos courtesy of Rachel and Tonie / @rachelandtonie


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