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Top 3 Snippets of Advice....

We've already had some fantastic weddings at The Cow Shed Crail. We thought we would pass on some of our key learning to help you with the smooth running of your own wedding - we are always on hand to offer advice or help you with any questions you might have, but here's our top 3:

1. It's very helpful to have a designated coordinator for your wedding, either a guest or a professional event coordinator.

They can ensure that suppliers are running to time, the candles are lit when required and any other details scheduled for the day.

2. As we are a rural venue, it's advisable to ensure that your guests have pre­-booked their travel or know if they are using a bus booked by yourself.

3. Once again, ensuring that guests have clear directions to the venue. Very have a lovely map you can use on your invitations/wedding information.

Do get in touch if you want any additional information.

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