The Big Clean

We all know that cleaning up after a party is normally the last thing you feel like doing the next morning. When everyone’s feeling a little bit weary and slightly delicate, the thought of getting to grips with rubbish and packing things up can feel very daunting.

Fear not!! The Cow Shed team is happy to come to the rescue with the ‘tidy up service’. For £300 team Cow Shed will roll up their sleeves, pull on their marigolds and get to work – taking care of a whole host of little jobs so you and your friends and family can relax for a little bit longer.

If you take the ‘tidy up service’ all your decorations and belongings (not provided by a third party suppliers) will be collected and left in the marquee for collection by 3pm on the day after your wedding. We will deal with your recycling (if you bring in your own bottles/cans), sweep the floors, stack chairs, fold tables, take away rubbish and tackle a whole host of other fiddly jobs.

Please note that you must still ensure that your suppliers remove all their own rubbish from the site.

If you relish cleaning up and think your guests will be happy to help – please use this check list and complete by 3pm the following day:

  • Stack up chairs and leave neatly near the clear panels in the marquee

  • Collect and fold up tablecloths

  • Fold up tables, clean if necessary, and leave neatly by the clear panels in the marquee

  • Remove all rubbish from site

  • Sweep the floors in The Workshop, The Cow Shed Barn and the Marquee taking particular care to collect up straw (including straw on gravel/grass) if you have used straw bales.

  • Remove all decorations and belongings ie everything that has not been supplied by a third party supplier

  • Please remove all drawing pins, ribbons, hooks, string etc that you may have used to attach decorations.

  • Please remove any litter, including straw, from the courtyard, patio and grass areas including the car park.

You do not need to clean the loos or windows.

If you would like to pay for the 'tidy up service', just let us know - but no later than 5pm the day before your event. We can accept payment by cash or credit card. Full payment must be received in advance.

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